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Alert Me   Dominos
Small Email Viewer   Xtreme Pack-Xon
Auto Email Responder   Parking Lot

Tip Calculator




Vaporstream Application


Smart Call Control

Cab Hound





Alert Me

Alert Me extends your default Blackberry alert System.

Alert Me allows you to customized LED color for many alert types.

It will repeat until you respond, so you will never miss an alert again



The objective of this project is to create the application for ATVESCAPE with the application for ATVESCAPE with the features like login, new user sign up, edit profile.

It has features like add products to cart, review products,add favorites,delete products from cart etc.

It has features like uploading picture,video,thumbnail view for picture and video,listing,search products,search members or group,join members or group,Media, blog,E-mail (inbox sent and write new) etc.


Auto Email Responder

Auto email responder for those people who doesn't have enough time to respond their email.

If you don't have much time for responding your email,due to your busy Schedule,then Auto email responder will take the responsibilities for reply your email.


Cab Hound

This application basically helps in cab searching through GPS System.

Vaporstream Application

Unlike email/IM, vaporstream messages are not recorded on computers or servers.

Additionally, vaporstream messages cannot be forwarded, saved or copied.

You can trust that once you view a message it is gone.


Smart Email Viewer

Read HTML emails with custom text color, images, web links, body background,email address with link,smileys etc.

You can make customization with custom text color,custom background,font type and font size etc.


Tip Calculator

  • It is type of application.
  • This simple 'Calculate Tip' will help you complete your receipt by calculating and adding in the tip amount.
  • It can also help you to split the cost per person.
  • You can use 'Calculate Tip' in respect to Dinner, Home Deliveries,Hotel etc.



With this application, you can synchronize customer, store and product line also

You can change or set customer and store.

You can also go to bay service or reset page by clicking the data entry button.

You can upload the collected data and photo by the uploads reports to the server button on the page



This application is based on one of the pop star JayZ

With this application you can get screen savers,ring tones,music videos etc.

You can get sample videos,music,ring tones etc,then you can buy it and save to your Blackberry.


Smart Call Control

Smart call control can manage your Blackberry incoming calls.

With the application you can block any unwanted/spam calls.

You can create White list/Black list from the contacts and can define call receiving options


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