Appointment Management System

Product Description :-

The appointment management system is an electronic paperless application designed with high flexibility and ease of usage, implemented in all area. The system serves in managing appointments for different resources.  The resource can be any clinic, service, customer or client. Each resource has a defined daily schedule that indicates the available time slots forbooking appointments.

Functionality :-

      1. Appointment Management :-
        • Create new appointment
        • Checking for availability of users
        • Modify Appointment
        • Auto generated mail for appointment status
      2. Customer Management :-
        • Add or modify customer details
        • Assign appointment to customer
        • Search or modify Customer.
      3. Custom Field Management :-
        • Generating new extra fields for other all input forms
        • Managing data into separate columns
        • User friendly fields
      4. Content Management :-
        • Manage data or contents of list
        • Modify user contents into database directly.

Modules :-

  1. Admin Module
  2. User Module
  3. Super admin module
  4. Customer

Target Market

Appointment Management System is targeted to Hospitals & any other companies.

Technology Platform:-


Demo Link with logins:-

Username: - admin

Password: - admin

Additional information

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