Learning Licesnse System (LLR) - Available

ORIENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES has come up with an innovative idea of conducting the computerized learner's license testing system where by at a time a single motor vehicle inspector can test upto 50 candidates within 15-20 minutes.In era of rapid growing population of vehicle, the license authority - R.T.O is facing the acute pressure of meeting demand of licenses and maintaining transperancy and accuracy of test.In metro cities like Pune / Mumbai, where every day more than 1,000 learner licenses need to be issued, the existing "Manual Driven" system has reached to its buckle point.From Road Safety point of view, every license should be issued to the candidate who qualifies the testing criteria of licenses.



Computerized Learner License System Details
The learner Liense system has 40-50 handhelds units with mini processing chip are connected to Central Opter Box having main processing chips integrated with Intel Petium Server-PC (815C Chipset Motherboard).The application software runs on server-PC which is connected with data entry PCs,Printer & LCD projector.


The components of the systems:

  1. Learner License Application Software with question bank (in Hindi & English)
  2. Central Opter Box with processing chips
  3. Handheld Devices (40/50 in Numbers) with mini processing chips.
  4. Embedded controllers (Micro64/128 modules)
  5. Data-Router engine running on RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems)
  6. Handheld Device Testing Software
  7. Backup Utility Software
  8. Data compression Software

Advantages of Computerized License System

  1. Fast License- Saves Time-Saves Efforts:Faster Learner's license System evaluates 20-40 candidates in just 15-20 minutes & issues licenses.
  2. Candidates need to learn about road sign,traffic rules & regulation to clear exam,this knowledges helps in road safety awareness.
  3. The system gives the transparency & un-biased evaluation.
  4. No knowledge of computer required.Even ill-literate can give test through this system.
  5. Valuable time of RTO staff saved can be utilized for some other important work.
  6. Improves the image of Motor vehicles department.
  7. The candidates data can be stored securely and can be further used at the time of issuing permanent license.
  8. Cost effective system, which will save complex networking of multiple PCs.


Client details for Learner License System product:

  • RTO Nashik (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Banglore (Karnataka)
  • RTO Pune (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
  • RTO Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  • RTO Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
  • RTO Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)
  • RTO Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Satara (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Andheri (Maharashtra)
  • RTO Hydrabad ( Andhra Pradesh)

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